3 Things to Do When Hiring a Delaware Plumber


We send plumbers not salesmen. That’s our motto and we’re sticking to it. Plumbing First believes that every homeowner should have the option to hire a transparent and trustworthy plumbing company when the you-know-what hits the fan. The truth is that there are a lot of plumbing companies out there that put sales first and aren’t willing to educate their customers on the details of the repair being made, the true cost of the parts being ordered, or the final bill on labor costs.

We think that’s BS. Homeowners, renters, and commercial property managers should always know that they’re being told what is true and helpful. It’s also your right to know the plumbing law in Delaware so that you and your property are protected. Don’t worry about putting in the research. We’ve written it all here for you because knowing the intimate details of Delaware plumbing laws is kind of our responsibility anyway. So, we’ll let you know what’s up.

1. Know When to Hire a Professional

Some of us are determined to do things ourselves. We think we’ll save money and time if we just head to Lowe’s with a shopping list and a quick prayer. The truth is that doing the work alone can cost you in the long run. The Delaware plumbing law has a clause just for those of us that think we’re DIY ready when it comes to plumbing. It turns out that your job isn’t protected if your home is for rent, lease, or sale.

The individual is a homeowner who is performing plumbing services other than gas piping in or about that individual’s own home that is not for sale or any part for rent or lease, provided that the individual has filed an application for a permit with the authorized inspection authority

If you’re the true homeowner then you have the right to do limited plumbing work on your home. However, our suggestion is to always hire a professional--not because we don’t think you’re the real VIP--but because plumbing is something that you shouldn’t work on unless you’re a trained and licensed professional. Speaking of licensure...

2. Check Their Delaware Plumbing License

Here’s a heads up. Not all plumbers that claim to be licensed are. Delaware takes that pretty seriously. There are individuals and companies alike that claim to be licensed but aren’t. Here’s what Delaware has to say about the licensure requirements for plumbers.

In a nutshell, Delaware requires that applicants:

  • have received a journeyman certificate upon completion of a plumbing apprenticeship program that meets or exceeds the Federal Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training Standards.

  • performed plumbing services for 2 years under the supervision of a master plumber or an individual holding a similar level of licensure in another state


  • has performed plumbing services for 7 years under the supervision of a master plumber or a plumber holding a similar level of licensure in another state and, thereafter, successfully completed the apprenticeship equivalency test approved by the Board and administered by a Delaware vocational-technical school


  • has achieved the passing score on a written, standardized examination, designated by the Board, and approved by the Division

  • has not received any administrative penalties regarding the applicant’s practice. (read the full list here)

To read more about further licensure requirements surrounding the code of conduct, you can check out Title 24-Chapter 18.

3. Know Your Rights

Unless you’re looking to become a plumber you may be asking why all of these clauses on licensure have to do with your everyday life. The fact is even if you skipped over all of that to make it to this section, that’s ok. As a homeowner, renter, or manager of a commercial property you have every right to ask a plumbing company to see their license to prove their credibility. Delaware doesn’t mess around when it comes to plumbers posing as legit when they’re unlicensed.

The penalty for a violation is, for a first offense, a fine of not less than $500 nor more than $1000, and, for a second or subsequent offense, a fine of not less than $1000 nor more than $2000.

A legitimately licensed plumber will gladly show you their credentials and offer contact information for their supervisor if you request it. Be wary of any plumbing company that refuses to show licensure or claims that they can’t.

Key Takeaways

Plumbing First realizes how frustrating plumbing interruptions can be and we believe that throwing in a shady plumber in to do the job just isn’t right. We’re fully licensed and have over 50 years of collective experience! Yep, that’s 5-0! It’s important to know your rights as a customer. We’ll make sure we’re doing everything to the greatest level of integrity on our end.

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